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Juniper Networks QFX5120-48Y-AFI Switch

The QFX5120-48Y-AFI Switch secures and automate your data center networks. They build a strong underlay foundation for flexible and high-performance fabrics that improve network reliability and agility, helping to simplify the path to multicloud.



The QFX5120 Switch includes four compact 1U platforms that provide wire-speed packet performance, very low latency, and a rich set of Junos® operating system features.

The QFX5120-48Y is a 25GbE/100GbE data center leaf and campus distribution switch featuring:

  • 48 25GbE (SFP28)/10GbE (SFP+)/1GbE (SFP) downlink ports
  • Eight 100GbE (QSFP28)/40GbE (QSFP+) uplink ports
  • Up to 4 Tbps L2 and L3 performance (bidirectional), with latency as low as 550 nanoseconds
  • A 2.2 GHz quad-core Intel CPU with 16 GB memory and 50 GB SSD storage

Using breakout cables, each of the eight 100GbE QSFP28 ports can be broken into four 25GbE SFP28 ports, while each 40GbE quad small form-factor pluggable plus (QSFP+) transceiver ports can be broken into four 10GbE small form-factor pluggable plus (SFP+) transceiver ports, increasing the total number of supported 25GbE and 10GbE ports per switch to 80.

In addition, QFX5120 switch models include:

  • Support for VXLAN as an L2 or L3 gateway
  • Advanced Junos OS features such as Ethernet VPN-Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN-VXLAN), BGP add-path, L3 VPN, and MPLS
  • Feature-rich automation capabilities with support for Python and zero-touch provisioning (ZTP)

Product Description

The Juniper Networks QFX5120 Switch delivers high scale, high availability, and high performance for data center and campus deployments. The QFX5120 switch is a versatile routing and switching platform addressing higher server access speed and campus distribution use cases while offering high-density 1GbE/10GbE/25GbE and 100GbE uplinks for collapsed spine data center or campus core deployments.

Junos OS

The high-performance QFX5120 Switch runs Junos OS, Juniper’s powerful and robust network operating system that powers all Juniper switches, routers, and firewalls. Key Junos OS features that enhance the functionality and capabilities of the QFX5120 include:

  • Software modularity, with process modules running independently in their own protected memory space and with the ability to do process restarts
  • Uninterrupted routing and forwarding, with features such as nonstop active routing (NSR) and nonstop bridging (NSB)
  • Commit and rollback functionality that ensures error-free network configurations
  • A powerful set of scripts for on-box problem detection, reporting, and resolution
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