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Constant Water Temperature Machine for Making Baby Milk



Parenthood is full of joy, but it also comes with its challenges. Say goodbye to the worries of perfect formula temperature, middle-of-the-night feedings, and complicated gadgets. Our Baby Formula Milk Maker with a 24-Hour Smart Thermostat is here to revolutionize how you nourish your little one.

Key Features:

 24-Hour Smart Thermostat: Imagine having the perfect bottle ready for your baby at any hour. Our milk maker’s advanced 24-hour smart thermostat ensures that the formula is kept at the ideal temperature, around the clock. No more waiting, no more fuss – just warm, comforting milk whenever your baby needs it.

Three Temperature Modes: Every baby is unique, and so are their feeding preferences. That’s why we offer three temperature modes – warm, room temperature, and hot (Blue < 38°C, Yellow 38°C – 45°C, Red >45°C) – to cater to your baby’s individual needs. You can customize each feeding to perfection, ensuring your little one’s comfort and satisfaction.

Fashion-Forward Design: Who says baby gear can’t be stylish? Our milk maker’s sleek design complements any modern nursery or kitchen. With its eye-catching aesthetics, it seamlessly blends into your home, making it a conversation starter for all the right reasons.

Super Easy to Operate: In just 30 seconds, you can effortlessly prepare a flawless bottle with intuitive one-touch controls. More quality time with your bundle of joy, less time in the kitchen, less hassle in the kitchen.

Made from Premium PP Food-Grade Material: Your baby’s safety is our top priority. That’s why our milk maker is crafted from high-quality PP food-grade material, ensuring that every drop of formula dispensed is pure and free from harmful substances. You can trust that your baby’s health is in the best hands.

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