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Tuya Dog Cat Pet Bowl Smart Pet Feeder Wifi Mobile Phone App Remote Control Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder With 6l



The ultimate solution for pet owners who demand convenience, control, and care for their furry companions. Say goodbye to worries about feeding schedules and portion control, and say hello to a happier, healthier pet with our innovative smart pet feeder.

Upgrade your pet’s dining experience with the Tuya Dog Cat Pet Bowl Smart Pet Feeder. With its smart features, reliable performance, and user-friendly app, you can provide your furry friend with the love and care they deserve, even when you’re not at home. Make every mealtime a breeze and ensure your pet is well-fed and content. Get the Tuya Pet Feeder today and enjoy peace of mind, one meal at a time.

Key features

Seamless Connectivity: Connect your Tuya Pet Feeder to your home Wi-Fi network and gain full control right from your mobile phone via the user-friendly Tuya mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. This means you can feed your pet from anywhere in the world, ensuring they are never left hungry, even when you’re away.

Microchip Compatibility: Our advanced pet feeder is designed to work seamlessly with your pet’s microchip, ensuring that only the designated pet gains access to their food. No more worries about overeating or food theft by other pets in your household.

Precise Portion Control: Customize your pet’s meal portions with ease through the Tuya app, allowing you to create tailored feeding schedules that meet your pet’s specific dietary needs. The 6-liter capacity means you won’t need to refill the feeder constantly.

Scheduled Feeding: Set up automatic feeding schedules, ensuring your pet gets their meals at the right time, every time. Ideal for busy pet owners, shift workers, or anyone who wants to maintain a consistent feeding routine.

Real-time Monitoring: Keep an eye on your pet’s feeding habits with the built-in camera, which streams live video to your phone. You can even capture photos and videos of your pet enjoying their meals.

Voice Recording: Record a personal message to call your pet to mealtime. Your voice will provide comfort and a sense of familiarity, even when you’re not home.

Easy Maintenance: The Tuya Pet Feeder is designed with your convenience in mind. The removable food tray and hopper are easy to clean, and the feeder is made from durable, pet-safe materials.

Battery Backup: Worried about power outages? Our pet feeder comes equipped with a battery backup system, ensuring your pet’s meals are never interrupted.


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